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Guides and Lessons plans supporting teachers

This is a decorative image representing a teacher with books instead of the head

This page provides the developed lesson plans guiding the teachers in delivering innovative training methods during the localized VDR courses.

Future Teachers in HEI could benefit from this project results the Lesson Plans by reusing and adapting them to the actual classroom they are dealing with. 

Since Lesson Plans model “a way” to target specific learning outcomes by innovative teaching strategies and techniques, they can be a learning experience for teachers who can re-skill and up-skill their competences. 

The Lesson Plans were selected considering the educational path and the specific structures of the lesson relevant for the innovative and experienced approach. 

In general the innovative approaches of the delivered Lesson Plans target the following teaching options: 

  • Blindfolded simulations, to internalize the VIP position, and VDR roleplaying 
  • Case discussion and interprofessional approach in MDT 
  • IT and Living Labs to enhance the student’s experience 
  • Interviewing experts and peer to peer discussion 
  • Practical specific approach to common activities 

These Guidelines and Plans for Teachers will be supporting the future courses realization as well as the Designers Kit (IO3) and the related Set of Learning Materials (IO7). 

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