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Joint Staff Training Event

University of Genova together with Chiossone Foundation are organizing the SHORT-TERM JOINT STAFF TRAINING EVENT. It will last 5 full days, planned in 21-25 November 2022.

Il will be aimed to train Future Teachers that will be asked to perform pilot VDR courses. The purpose of the training event will be joint learning and exchange between the participants, coming from the HEIs and partners involved, from Lithuania, Sweden, Ireland, France and Italy. 

Trainers and future teachers are selected by partners accordingly to the specific program they designed for the HE Course implementation. Moreover those teachers who have been involved in oMERO project as staff members will be able to integrate the experience of the “Short-term joint staff training event” with the design of courses (IO6) and the design of the materials (IO7).

Who are Future Teachers? at the end of oMERO project 4 pilot courses will take place in the involved HEIs. The curriculum, developed programme and materials will be also supported by the experiences gained by future teachers during the training event. The expertise of academic and professional partners will suggest innovative and high-tecnological approach to educational patterns. The attending teachers will be able to share their practices with other colleagues, transnationally, and later on in their own HEI in order to transfer the know-how they got during the training to other teachers who couldn’t attend it.